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"You just have to look past it. You look how you look. Be comfortable. Like, what are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb. And shows like the Fashion Police, and things like that, are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on things that — they put values in all the things that are wrong. That it’s okay to point at people and call them ‘ugly’ or call them ‘fat.’ They call it ‘fun’ and ‘Welcome to the real word’ and it’s like, that shouldn’t be the real world."

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'I think it gets so much easier to let things roll off your back. It’s such a business of hurry up and wait, and if you let it get to you it will drive you absolutely insane. Like, ‘Why was I called in at four in the morning and I haven’t been used until one in the afternoon?’ And ‘Why are we shooting this a million times when we have five other scenes to shoot?’ But you get to the point where you just say ‘This is filmmaking. This is what you get paid for. Everybody is doing the best they can. It’s what you have to live with.’ 

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I love Photoshop more than anything in the world…Of course it’s Photoshop. People don’t look like that.

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I was a weirdo (as a teenager). I wasn’t picked on or anything. And I wasn’t smarter than other kids; that’s not why I didn’t fit in. I’ve always just had this weird anxiety. I hated recess. I didn’t like field trips. Parties really stressed me out. And I had a very different sense of humor.” 

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“It’s all of my favorite cleaning. Like, I don’t like dishes and I don’t like the kitchen, but I love beds and bathrooms and spraying and going through everybody’s stuff. Like every day, there’s new people to snoop on! It would be my dream.” on her dream job of being a hotel maid

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"I’ve been lucky to have known what I wanted to do for so long."

@billyeichner: Ran into Jennifer Lawrence! Her & her midriff are very excited about the new #BillyOntheStreet TONITE 11/10c on FUSE! 

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I can think of a lot of things that taste better than skinny feels.

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